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We exist to share the Gospel in communities worldwide using radio, the Internet and other technology. Our goal hasn’t changed for 75 years: seeing people’s hearts transformed by God’s grace. Back to God Ministries International is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church. Learn More

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Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 6:16-17
“Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”
—Jeremiah 6:162

Always on the frontier of the future, we strain to peer through the veil to see what’s coming—but, of course, we can’t. Cell phones, laptops, tablets: even the best technology cannot help us see what will happen next. The path ahead is shrouded in the fog of the future.

God’s people have always been prone to wander from the path he prescribes (see Exodus 20:1-17; Mark 12:30-31). Lent calls us back to “the ancient paths,” to the good life of learning to love God and live together (Deuteronomy 6:1-9; Leviticus...

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No Coincidental Encounter

No Coincidental Encounter

Seated next to a table of four people at a restaurant in Leesburg, VA, Victor Maglio and his wife, Riaa, couldn’t help but overhear bits and pieces of the conversation.

The Maglios, residents of New Jersey, were in Virginia for a wedding. “Then, on a last minute recommendation, my wife and I had brunch at the restaurant, where we heard the people...

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Ministry Updates
From Beauty Queen to Media Missionary

From Beauty Queen to Media Missionary

Lika Roman never dreamed she would be a beauty queen. Since she gave her life to the Lord at age eight, she wanted to be a missionary.

But God has used Lika’s platform as Miss Ukraine 2007 to share the Gospel in ways she never imagined. Over the past five years her opportunities have expanded as she began partnering with Back to God Ministries...

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