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Scripture Reading: Galatians 6:11-18
May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
—Galatians 6:14

On the farm where I grew up, we had several tractors to help us work the land, harvest the crops, and haul materials. The tractor’s benefit came when it was hooked to a piece of equipment. This connection was possible with a small hitch pin. Without the hitch pin connected, the equipment was useless and could not move. But with the hitch pin connecting the tractor to the equipment, we were able to accomplish great things.

The Christian faith has a “hitch pin” that connects heaven and earth. That pin is the cross of Jesus Christ. Paul says, “May I never...

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Kids Corner

Kacie’s Testimony

Kacie’s Testimony

Kids Corner Bible study graduate Kacie Vanderzon says some of her favorite, quiet, undistracted moments with God are when she is riding her horse through the woods.

Fifteen-year-old Kacie grew up in a Christian family who loves to travel and experience different cultures. But it wasn’t until a year ago that she publicly committed her life to the...

May 1, 2014 Read More
Ministry Updates
Hindi Broadcast Brings a Father to Faith

Hindi Broadcast Brings a Father to Faith

The rugged city in the heart of India was no place for Sukh Ram, a Hindu man, to raise his young family.

The streets were like a war-zone. Day to day life was difficult, dangerous, and full of problems. When Sukh Ram’s wife died, he was left to care for his two small children. Alone.

In times of despair, Sukh Ram hoped for something better. For...

June 10, 2014 Read More