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Scripture Reading: Mark 8:34-38
If anyone is ashamed of me and my words . . . .
—Mark 8:3

The more we read the Bible in terms of stories, the more we discover how important story-telling is for us today. The church has a long tradition of storytelling (we often call it testimony), but we can easily lose sight of that.

Sometimes we get the mistaken idea that biblical doctrine is the most important thing to talk about. We listen to doctrinal sermons and talk about doctrine in our Bible classes. Biblical doctrines are crucial, since without them our stories will quickly wander off-track. But the doctrines of the Bible are only the backdrop against which the real...

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Under the Radar

Escape to the Lake

Escape to the Lake

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Summer, vacation, time away, rest, a lake—escape!

Megan and Greg and their children drove from Chicago to the Conference Point Center on the shores of Geneva Lake in Williams Bay, WI, looking forward to a peaceful family vacation. They had no idea what else God had in store for them.

“When we looked at the conference...

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Ministry Updates
Volunteer Helps Bring Chinese Today to iPhones

Volunteer Helps Bring Chinese Today to iPhones

Kevin was searching for a way to use his skill as an iPhone app developer to serve the Lord. Back to God Ministries’ Chinese outreach was searching for someone to help make the Chinese Today devotional more accessible.

It was a perfect match.

Kevin, who lives in Bejing and reads the Chinese Today regularly, contacted our Chinese outreach and...

April 14, 2014 Read More