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Scripture Reading: Revelation 5
They sang a new song …
—Revelation 5:9

She had Alzheimer’s disease. Her memory had ceased to function meaningfully years earlier. My visits to her were brief; she didn’t recognize me, and she would forget our visit before I reached the door. But she remembered the hymns she had learned in her younger days. When I would start to sing, her face would light up. Some days, she would even join in.

Music has a strong influence on our minds and souls. It accompanies our celebrations and frames our longings and sorrows. Just a few notes can remind us of an event from years ago or of someone we have loved.

The Bible is full of music. The Old...

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Kids Corner

A Traveling Companion

A Traveling Companion

It isn’t often that a family of six can agree on something to listen to in the car. Something fun for the little ones, educational for pre-teens, and yet still entertaining for the parents… all with a Christian message. Is there such a thing?

Sheree Mann found the answer in a little lizard named Lizardo.

“We’ve been listening to Kids Corner for...

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Ministry Updates
100 Children in China

100 Children in China

Dale and Jean Quesnel have more than 100 “children”—and a few grandchildren—all living in China.

“It’s all of God,” says Dale, a retired tool and die maker from New Hamburg, Ont. “God arranged it and put it together.”

It all began when the Quesnels learned about Chinese university graduates coming to study engineering for one year at the...

October 13, 2014 Read More