Renewing Families and Culture

Brazil is a melting pot of nations with a blend of many immigrant ethnicities. Catholicism still influences religious practice, but the impact of evangelical witness is increasing. Poverty affects tens of millions of families. In this setting, Back to God Ministries Portuguese outreach focuses on evangelism and discipleship, using media to point people to Christ and connect them to biblically sound churches.

We produce several radio and television programs that help shape lives in light of God’s story. Print materials provide churches and individuals with discipleship resources to draw neighbors into a deeper relationship with God and His people. A growing Internet and social media ministry has the potential to reach millions of people with the good news of what God is doing. 

Personal Impact

Finding Strength through Adversity

Vitorio was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 25 years. Knowing his path was not heading in a healthy direction, he searched for a way to stop his destructive habits. It wasn’t until he received a message via Facebook from the Portuguese ministry of Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) that he had the strength to begin his journey toward

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Featured Program

Gotas de Esperança (Drops of Hope)

Gotas de Esperança is a 2-minute audio program that provides a message of hope. The messages are available by CD. 

Portuguese January 03, 2016

Portuguese Media Outreach

Luz Para o Caminho (Light for the Way)


Web visitors can log on to the home page to learn more about the Luz Para o Caminho (Light for the Way) media ministry, access daily devotionals, listen to programs, find a local church, order discipleship material, and email staff members with questions or prayer requests.

Cada Dia (Today)


A 5-minute and 30-minute video program entitled Cada Dia is broadcast on several television networks in Brazil. The thematic program features interviews, testimonies, and reports from a biblical perspective. 

Verdade e Vida (Truth and Life)


Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes, Portuguese ministry director, hosts Truth and Life, a 30-minute TV program with interviews, music and a biblical message. The program is produced in cooperation with the Presbyterian Church of Brazil. Links and conversations are also available at facebook.com/hernandes.diaslopes.7

Plataforma (Platform)


This 5-minute video program provides a platform for contemporary Christian artists. Plataforma highlights the music and testimonies of Brazilian composers and singers. Webcast of the audio programs can also be accessed on the website

Da Letra a Palavra (From the Letter to the Word)


Da Letra a Palavra is a 2-minute video program on which Rev. Hernandes discusses current issues in light of the Gospel message. More than 9,000 people are subscribed to the YouTube link.  

Disquepaz (Dial Peace)


Disquepaz is a short devotional program delivered by telephone. Churches throughout Brazil partner with LPC/BTGMI to host the special machine which can be accessed by those who phone in to hear the daily message. People are invited to call a local number, given at the end of the message, to request prayer or spiritual counseling.

Vida em família (Family Life)


Listeners interested in issues related to Family Life will find biblical answers on this topic in the 4-minute radio spot, which can also be heard at lpc.org.br.

Momento Musical (Music Moment)


Music Moment, featuring Christian music and interviews with the artist/composer, is aired on radio stations in Brazil and can be heard at lpc.org.br.

Cada Dia (Today)

lpc.org.br/cada-dia/ disquepaz.com.br/

The Cada Dia devotional provides a daily meditation on God’s Word in a printed booklet, on the web at lpc.org.br/cada-dia, and an audio version at disquepaz.com.br. Daily posts are also available at facebook.com/cadadia.com.br.  

Gotas de Esperança (Drops of Hope)

Gotas de Esperança is a 2-minute audio program that provides a message of hope. The messages are available by CD. 

Turma da Arca (The Ark Clubhouse)


Through the adventures of delightful Turma da Arca puppet characters, children learn biblical truths and life values. Web visitors can meet the characters, play games and receive information about all 52 episodes available on DVD. Companion teaching lessons are available for each episode. These videos are also available on Netflix in Brazil.  

Ö Príncipe da Paz (The Prince of Peace)

Relive the Christmas story in this exciting 3D animation as angels visit Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds while Herod plots to erase any competition. The Prince of Peace video is available on DVD and broadcast on local stations in Brazil during the Christmas season.