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Hindi Magazine Changing Lives

April 17, 2016 | Hindi Ministry
Reeta was so excited to receive her copy of Masihi Ahwan (Christian Calling) that she phoned to thank our Hindi staff in Ranchi, India for the monthly magazine. “I will introduce it to my relatives and friends,” Reeta told them. Each month’s issue of the magazine includes a series of Dainik Manan (daily devotions) much like the Today. As people in northern India learn about Jesus Christ through our radio programs, they look for resources to help them grow in faith. The devotionals provide God’s Word for seekers, new believers, and seasoned Christians.  Prakash also shared his experience. “Once I took Masihi Ahwan with me to my office, my friends noticed and showed interest in reading it and were blessed.” Mathias, who provides transportation for one of the Bishops in Northern India, reads every word of the devotional. “From cover to cover,” he says, “I have read it for many…[Read More]

No Longer Lonely

November 18, 2015 | Hindi Ministry
Prakash, an elderly man living alone in a remote village between Jammu and Kashmir, has no family to look after him. He can neither read nor write, adding to his feeling of isolation. He was a lonely man, until he experienced Immanuel, God with us. Craving a connection to the outside world, Prakash turned to his radio, where he discovered a program called Premey Kanne (With Love). Through this program produced by Back to God Ministries’ partners in northern India, Prakash found the companionship and knowledge he was seeking. But Prakash found more—he also learned about the Savior who was seeking him! As he continued listening, Prakash learned to pray. He asked the Lord to be his companion. When he learned more about Jesus, he gave up idol worship and began praying to the living God, who moved his heart to trust in Jesus. The Lord also prompted a local…[Read More]

From Skeptic to Saved

July 10, 2015 | Hindi Ministry
Pema’s grit and determination throughout years of betrayal and defeat have made her stronger and wiser. Her perseverance through these troubling times led her to peace in our Father’s arms. Pema’s family lives in a small village located in northern India. Her husband worked tirelessly to support Pema and their six children. When he and his brothers inherited family property, they quarreled to the point where he became sick with anxiety.  Offended by her husband’s request to divide the land up equally, a brother arranged to have him killed by witch doctors cursing him with their black magic. The occult of black magic invokes evil spirits and is used to harm people through spells and trickery. Practiced throughout the world, its affects are very real. Knowing its threatening capabilities, friends advised Pema and her husband to seek help through a Christian pastor who could pray for them. Pema recalls, “In…[Read More]

Rinku’s Journey to finding Jesus

May 20, 2015 | Hindi Ministry
Rinku, born a Hindu in Northern India, was introduced to Jesus as a young adult. But it took financial burdens and advice from a magician for Rinku to follow and build a relationship with his Savior. Growing up, Rinku fell into a life of poor habits and addiction. Knowing these vices were detrimental to his well-being, he sought advice from Hindu spiritual counsel. Due to the wide spectrum of beliefs among Hindu leadership, Rinku was left feeling confusedand devoid of answers. Around this same time Rinku was listening to his radio and heard the Dogri program, Premey Kanne (With Love),produced by the Hindi outreach of Back to God Ministries International. The name of Jesus and His gift of salvation made an impression on Rinku. “I fell asleep thinking about Jesus,” Rinku recalls. But by morning he had put Jesus out of his mind and went on with his life as…[Read More]

New Believers Risking Their Lives

April 14, 2015 | Hindi Ministry
In the quiet of the Himalayan mountain region, a group gathers to witness seven new believers lie down in cold rushing waters to proclaim their Christian faith through baptism. These new Christians came to faith by listening to Back to God Ministries Rewa Gitsung (Words of Hope) radio program. Because Christianity is banned is this region, baptism marks a significant moment for these seven people as they each put their earthly lives at risk when giving their eternal lives to Christ. Among those witnessing this blessed event are their mentors and the radio program producer. “Once these listeners started following the program regularly, they had questions and needed someone to answer those questions,” our Back to God Ministries International Hindi ministry leader reports. These brothers and sisters heard the Gospel and contacted the program producer for answers.  He connected them with a local support group comprised of believers who also…[Read More]

Raju’s answer to prayer

March 23, 2015 | Hindi Ministry
**Raju and his sister. For their safety, we need to blur their faces.   I am seventeen years old and I experienced incredible suffering from a medical condition in which the topmost layer of my skin just peeled off on a regular basis. This exposed my inner skin to infections and constant pain. It pained my parents to see me suffer like this but there was little they could do. We are a middle class family and my father earns enough to run our household. With young children still dependent on him, he has not been able to save much money. Despite their meager earnings, my parents took me to several physicians and skin specialists, but no one could do much to help me. They even took me to a witch doctor; he couldn’t help either. One day a friend introduced us to someone he thought could help. We discovered this…[Read More]

Finding Peace and Joy

March 18, 2015 | Hindi Ministry
In a region of South Asia where 4 out of 5 people practice Buddhism, D. [for safety purposes we are unable to use his real name] finds his peace and joy in Christ. D.’s days are filled with hard labor, earning him a meager wage on which he supports his wife and five children. Though they live on little, they are richly blessed by the Christian radio program, Words of Hope, produced by the Back to God Hindi ministry team. “My whole family sits together and regularly listens to the program. We enjoy listening as a family.” D. says. Having close relationships with his friends and coworkers, D. is able to share his passion for the Lord. He explains, “I especially encourage my co-workers to listen to the program. I tell them that it will bring them peace and joy.” Praise God for D.’s faithfulness in sharing the Gospel with…[Read More]

Reaching Remote Villages in India

January 26, 2015 | Hindi Ministry
Back to God Ministries Hindi outreach teams frequently visit remote villages to encourage believers and seekers. In some cases, these visits—and our radio programs—are the only contact the villagers have with God’s Word and other Christians. Late last year, our Hindi ministry team traveled through thick forests and mountainous terrain to visit a remote village, a place to which few people from the outside venture. Only two dozen Christian families live in this village. And because there is no church there, the people have little opportunity for spiritual growth. “Our team learned of this need and trekked up the mountain to share the gospel with people eager to receive visitors—and God’s Word,” reports BTGMI *Hindi ministry leader. The villagers were grateful to learn of the radio program, which they described as “informative and spiritually fulfilling.” *M.J., a widow and mother of three children, lives in another remote village deep in…[Read More]

Passing the Mantle

September 17, 2014 | Hindi Ministry
After serving for 36 years in Hindi media ministry, on August 26, 2014 Stephen Paul passed the mantle of leadership to Dr. A.K. Lama. “We have been praying and searching for nearly five years to find the right leader to succeed Stephen Paul,” notes Rev. Kurt Selles, director of Back to God Ministries International. “Dr. Lama, from northeast India, brings a depth of educational background and wealth of ministry experience. Joining this ministry will help him carry out his vision of expanding the scope of Gospel media proclamation around India.” Dr. A.K. Lama earned his Ph.D. in Old Testament from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School—both in the USA. He is founder and director of Transforming Leaders in Asia, a ministry that equips and disciples Christian workers. He recently completed a five-year term as general secretary of the Council of…[Read More]

BTGMI Announces Ministry Leader in India

June 27, 2014 | Hindi Ministry
After years of prayerful searching for a well-qualified successor, Back to God Ministries International, along with our partner Words of Hope, is pleased to announce that the Rev. Dr. A. K. Lama has been nominated as the new ministry leader in India. Dr. Lama brings extensive experience to the role of leading this ministry that brings the Gospel message through media to people in northern India and the Himalayan region. Dr. Lama will make the transition to leadership over the next few months as our current ministry leader, Stephen Paul, moves into retirement. Dr. Lama is married to Dr. Asangla Ao. Together they have two daughters and one son. Join us in thanking God for this answer to prayer. Watch for more information this Fall.