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Sonu’s Changed Life

March 20, 2014 | Hindi Ministry
Sonu’s neighbors and relatives were terrified of his violent behavior. So when Christ transformed his life after he heard a Back to God Ministries radio program, the whole community was astounded! Before he gave his life to Christ, Sonu, who lives in a small village in northern India, was notorious for alcoholism, drug abuse, and fighting. He was so abusive and violent that when his neighbors saw him coming, they’d change course. And Sonu says he was happy to be left alone! But then he received a surprising invitation. One of his relatives, a Christian who listened to a Dogri language radio program produced by Back to God Ministries partners in northern India, learned that Christ calls us to share our faith. So he invited Sonu to come to his home. The first surprise was that Sonu came. Then Sonu’s relative turned on his radio to share Back to God…[Read More]

Words of Glory touch Ram’s Heart

March 20, 2014 | Hindi Ministry
Every week Back to God Ministries International receives letters and emails from people whose lives have been changed by the Gospel through our worldwide media outreach. This is made possible by faithful support from people like you. India is just one place where we receive continual reports of God’s amazing work in people’s lives! Uttar Pradesh is located in the northernmost region of India, nestled in the Himalayan Mountains. Because of the remote location, our listeners there often complain about intermittent broadcasts and a very weak signal. And when they do get a signal they have to listen through occasional static and other disturbances. But, thankfully, on a day Ram was invited to listen, the signal was clear and strong! Ram admits, “I was leading a sinful life, full of vices.” Then one day a friend confronted him about his sinful life choices. “He told me to stop all this…[Read More]

Displaced for Faith— an Opportunity for Healing

March 17, 2014 | Hindi Ministry
Last year, six families were forced from their village as exiles because of their new-found faith. Still, their faith stayed strong and they discovered how the Lord would use their situation to bring others to faith. The families came to faith in Christ after listening to Back to God Ministries Hindi programs on their shortwave radio. Their village, not far from our Hindi program headquarters in Ranchi, includes many Hindu extremists. “The leaders strongly oppose any Christian evangelical work in the areas,” explains Stephen Paul, Hindi ministry leader. “We praise God for the families’ perseverance and strong faith as they experienced ostracism and persecution.” The only Christians in the area, these six families were forced to leave their homes. They took refuge in a remote village inhabited by mostly illiterate nature worshippers—which opened up an opportunity for the exiles to share their new-found faith! In this village, a man named…[Read More]

God Still Uses Miracles

January 9, 2014 | Hindi Ministry
Anchal had no peace in his life. After his own troubling childhood, his woes continued when his young daughter started having unexplained seizures. Still, his deep Hindu faith made him refuse to look to God for help.  But Anchal’s wife Anita felt differently. She had been listening to a Christian radio program in the Dogri tribal language since before she was married and many of the messages stuck with her. Anita remembered hearing how Jesus healed the sick and she wanted to pray for a miracle.  “The idea infuriated Anchal,” said Stephen Paul, Good Books ministry leader in India. Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) partners with Good Books and Words of Hope for media outreach in northern India and the Himalayan region. Paul added, “To Anchal and many other Indians, the Christian faith is a foreign religion forced on unsuspecting simpletons by missionaries. Anchal wanted nothing to do with…[Read More]

Amazing Christmas Celebrations in India

December 26, 2013 | Hindi Ministry
This year’s Christmas pageants in northern India (we cannot identify the specific cities) included several Hindus and Muslims, not only in the audience—but also in reenactments of the story of Christ’s birth! “The celebration of Christmas has special enthusiasm among the non-Christian communities, particularly Hindus,” reports Back to God Ministries Hindi ministry leader. “Reenacting the nativity scene is an effective way to convey the story of Jesus’ birth. The special interest shown by several recent converts opens up doors for reaching many other people. The event that took place more than 2000 years ago still has relevance today!” With a distinctive Indian flavor to the story portrayed in one location, the wise men were portrayed by Indian sages. The narrator was a Muslim convert, who recited the Luke’s Gospel account by memory. And participants in the performance were Hindu converts. In another pageant at a school for visually impaired, a…[Read More]

From Bible School to the Forests Beyond

September 10, 2013 | Hindi Ministry
The Holy Spirit changed Anand’s life with simple words from a young boy in his village. From his remote home, deep in an Indian forest, Anand never sought out any Christian messages. Still, the Lord touched his heart through Jiwan, a child in his village who was attending a nearby Vacation Bible School. The 10-day Bible school, hosted by Back to God Ministries International partners in northern India, included more than 1,300 children in four locations.  When Jiwan brought his VBS study materials back to his village, Anand noticed how much time the boy spent reading stories from the Bible. Finally, he asked Anand why he was doing this.  The response surprised him. “I want to become more like Jesus,” Jiwan replied. After hearing these words, Anand became curious. He wanted to know what it meant for him to become like Jesus. Anand found some answers when he visited a…[Read More]

Standing Strong in the Face of Persecution

July 8, 2013 | Hindi Ministry
Piyush has been a regular listener of our Hindi radio program for a long time. He says the program led him to his Savior, but this came at a high cost. When Piyush shared his newfound faith with his family, they were disturbed. They soon started pressuring him to return to his old beliefs, and became angry when he refused. “Piyush found the living God, and said he would never turn his back on his new-found faith,” said our Hindi ministry leader.   What came next for Piyush was a time of modern persecution— from his own family. The young man literally became a prisoner in his own home as his family locked him in his bedroom. They took away his Bible and his phone, stripping him of any contact with the outside world. Instead of eating with his family, they pushed his meals under the bedroom door. But Piyush’s…[Read More]

God Transforms Kaka’s Life

March 18, 2013 | Hindi Ministry
Kaka’s children lived in fear, hoping for nothing more than to stay away from their father the next time he drank. His wife was still recovering from the last time she tried to reason with him about his excessive gambling and drinking. Then, however, the family started noticing a change. The change came gradually, but it started when Kaka was scanning the radio one day and he discovered a program in his native language, Dogri. The program, produced by partners of Back to God Ministries International in Northern India, described the love we should have for one another. These words stuck with Kaka. He knew that his life was definitely not reflecting the kind of love that the radio program discussed. For the first time in his life, this truly bothered Kaka. “Kaka realized that his treatment of his family, his own children, was anything but loving,” said Stephen Paul,…[Read More]

Prayer Opens Doors in Hindu Stronghold

January 9, 2013 | Hindi Ministry
Followers of Jesus in the Hindu stronghold of Chhatisgarh face hatred and hostility. But through prayer, God opened doors for the Gospel to take hold and seekers to come to faith in Christ. “We knew people in Chhatisgarh were listening to our broadcasts [Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) in the Hindi language],” says Stephen, BTGMI ministry leader in India. “We occasionally received letters from listeners asking for discipleship materials.” BTGMI staff in India tried to bring Bibles and Christian literature into the area, but were stopped when the van was pelted by rocks. Hindu fanatics in the area refused to allow any Christian teaching in the area. “Our media ministry team felt an urgent need to make face-to-face visits with the listeners in Tolma, Kogabahari, Katangjor, Ludeg and six other Chhatisgarh villages. We believed the Lord wanted to manifest his power, that people would see God at work and…[Read More]

Pushpa’s Miracle

September 4, 2012 | Hindi Ministry
When Pushpa contracted leprosy she was thrown out of her home and community, the Dogri area of northern India. Her condition became worse almost by the day. She was completely broken in body and spirit, and three times she tried to end her life by taking poisonous substances. Then Christians in the area told Pushpa about Jesus, the One who had loved and healed lepers. They began praying for her. They also gave her a radio and introduced her to the program produced by Back to God Ministries partners in India. As Pushpa listened to the messages, she became convinced that Jesus Christ loved her and could help her. She started praying for healing for her body and soul. After a few weeks she noticed that her sores were healing, and one month after that she was completely cured of her leprosy. She regained strength and was able to move…[Read More]