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A Passion for Prayer

July 22, 2015 | English Ministry
Florence Hu describes herself an introvert, but she has a passion for sharing the Gospel. She has found a way to witness through the Today devotional and prayer! Florence’s passion for introducing people to Jesus grows out of her own experiences. “I’m Chinese, from Hong Kong, now residing in the Philippines,” she says. Growing up in a “multi-religious” culture led her to believe that good works would earn her a standing with God. Through studying the Bible with a missionary, Florence learned about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Her first request after committing her life to the Lord: “I want to learn how to pray!” Florence’s life hit a crisis after that. “I lost my husband in 2000 when I was eight months pregnant with our son.” Over the next eight years she was hospitalized three times with life-threatening illnesses. Still, Florence did not ask, “Why me?” but rather,…[Read More]

Strengthening Families

June 11, 2015 | English Ministry
Most people will agree that the family is a basic and fundamental unit in society. This is true, not just in Western culture, but worldwide. And all over the world families are facing increasing challenges and attacks that threaten to tear them apart. Family Fire, a ministry started by ReFrame Media five years ago, is strengthening families not only in North America but in more than 45 countries as well. Can’t share a lot of stories. We don’t want to jeopardize the trust people have in sharing things on our site. One husband and father discovered facebook.com/FamilyFire and asked for prayer. The Family Fire ministry team reached out to him in private conversations to help address his concerns for his family. He first replied to a specific topic on grief and started writing Deb. “How can I be sure that God is with me?” he asked. So many things were…[Read More]

FaceTime and Sleepover Bible Studies for Kids

June 1, 2015 | English Ministry
Kennedy, like your typical pre-teen, loves to have sleepovers with her friends and connect by FaceTime when they can’t get together in person.    What may be a bit more unusual is that Kennedy and her friends have started a weekly Friday night Bible study. And when they can’t get together at someone’s house, they work through the Bible study discussion on FaceTime (an app that allows video chats on mobile phones or tablets).  Kennedy and her friends also like to listen to Kids Corner podcasts during their sleepovers. “I play Kids Corner when we are reading, going to sleep, or even just hanging out and talking,” she says. Kennedy heard about the Kids Corner Bible studies while listening to the program one night, and ordered the materials for their Friday night Bible study. “We decided to do Bible study together because we felt a little bad about life for…[Read More]

A Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus

April 16, 2015 | English Ministry
Ginger experienced more difficulties this past year than one person should have to deal with. But her faith has stayed strong. “I have done more praying these past several months than I think I ever have,” she testifies. Ginger says that the Family Fire Facebook ministry has helped. Family Fire, a ministry of ReFrame Media, the English outreach of Back to God Ministries International, is a unique online community that provides biblically-based encouragement for marriage, parenting and family. Family Fire shares inspiration and resources on its Facebook page and website. Ginger doesn’t remember how she first came across the Family Fire Facebook page, but she has appreciated the daily encouragement. “This past year was a really hard one,” she explains. Dealing with my Mom having a stroke and then finding out she had breast cancer. Then this past November my husband left me. And two days later we had a…[Read More]

Earth Day: To Steward or Subdue?

April 10, 2015 | English Ministry
From our Reformed perspective there is “no such thing as secular.”  Including caring for creation. ThinkChristian.net believes that too. In anticipation of Earth Day on April 22, Think Christian is making available a special collection of articles on creation care, curated from its archives. These pieces cover a variety of environment-related topics, from climate engineering to air conditioning to human composting (yes...that’s a thing). The articles discuss creation care with some of Think Christian’s best contributors, like environmental ethics professor Rolf Bouma and popular TC columnists Branson Parler and Karen Swallow Prior. One thing unites all these ideas and drives Think Christian’s coverage of the environment: a reverence for the cultural mandate of the Bible. You’re invited to download this special Earth Day e-book. If you see an idea that challenges you about creation care (or an idea you’d like to challenge, you can always continue the conversation at the…[Read More]

The Story of Reyna Garcia

March 26, 2015 | English Ministry
When Michigan law changed in 2008, barring undocumented immigrants from holding a driver’s license, Reyna Garcia could no longer attend her Catholic church because it was beyond walking distance from her home. So she decided instead to visit a Christian Reformed congregation nearby, unsure of how she would be received. “I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Reyna said in a recent interview with Josh Larsen, editor of ThinkChristian.net. “Maybe because I was Latino I wouldn’t be allowed. But little by little it was OK. And when I shared my story everything changed. For them and for me.” Think Christian, produced by ReFrame Media (the English outreach of Back to God Ministries) included Reyna’s story in a series of articles entitled “A More Welcoming Way.” “The series invites a healthy dialog about immigration reform and the church’s role in the process,” Larsen explains. “Think Christian has spent a fair…[Read More]

Having a Heart of Grace

March 11, 2015 | English Ministry
“You’re only going to like me if I’m a Christian.”  A youth pastor from Chicago heard these words during a discussion on faith between classmates in the local middle school cafeteria. Children meet and build relationships with unbelievers throughout their daily lives. How do Christians grow youth into authentic Christ-followers and equip them to show God’s grace to their friends who are not Christians? Kids Corner, a web-based audio Bible program, provides resources for young listeners such as these to learn how to put their faith into action. In a series that launched March 7, Lucille, a Christian character, wants to help her unbelieving friend. Lucille wrestles with the internal conflict many of our children will encounter – how to have a heart of grace when being a friend to someone who has a differing worldview. Ron VandenBurg, Senior Producer of Children’s Ministry at Kids Corner, says “the goal of…[Read More]

Bible Studies Help Children’s Faith Formation

February 24, 2015 | English Ministry
The Kids Corner ministry team received a request from Sue, who is mentoring Tammy, a former prison inmate. Tammy’s drug addiction and imprisonment caused incredible pain and confusion for her two sons, ages 11 and 12, and she is determined to stay clean this time. When Tammy’s boys asked Sue to help them learn the Bible, Sue contacted Kids Corner.  “I’m not sure where to start,” Sue wrote. “Will you please send me your Bible studies to help me with this?” The Kids Corner team mailed Sue the children’s study booklets right away. “Kids Corner has created Bible study materials for children,” says Ron VandenBurg, senior producer of children’s ministry for ReFrame Media, the English outreach of Back to God Ministries International. “Our goal is to provide resources that help children develop a lifelong love for the Bible.” In addition to the Bible study correspondence program, Kids Corner produces a…[Read More]

Finding Common Ground in the Names of God

February 12, 2015 | English Ministry
When retired school teacher Glenn Ploegstra began using the “Names of God” issue of the Today devotional in his discussion group with Muslims and Christians, he found a surprisingly common connection with people of traditionally different faiths. Every three weeks Glenn and other Christians from various branches of Christianity meets with a group of Turkish students, mostly committed Muslims, at Cleveland State University (OH). The gatherings—called the “Bible-Qu’ran Group”—began several years ago when Glenn’s friend Bill Schubmehl connected with the university students from Turkey. These students, in addition to achieving their masters or doctorate degrees, also wanted to understand western culture and the Christian faith. The meetings begin with a potluck buffet of ethnic foods brought by the participants. Then after a time of fellowship, members spend 60-90 minutes learning about Christianity one week and Islam the next.  “I became involved because of my interest in people from other cultures,” says Glenn.…[Read More]

Today celebrates 65 Years

January 22, 2015 | English Ministry
Eighty-one-year-old Colleen has read the Today devotional “for as long as I can remember,” she says. And it’s very possible she’s been using Today for 65 years. Back to God Ministries first produced Today (originally The Family Altar) in 1950. People listening to The Back to God Hour were begging for resources to help them and their families learn more about the Bible. The daily devotional met those needs for new believers…and many CRC families. Within months of the first printing, the subscription list grew to 40,000, and by 1990—the Today’s 40th anniversary—circulation was nearly 300,000. Stories poured in from around the world. Today was blessing families and changing lives of prison inmates in North America, seekers in Asia, and new believers in Africa. Today is even credited with helping launch new churches in West Africa! Shay wrote, “I have been in and out of prison since I was 11…[Read More]