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How are You Observing Lent?

February 9, 2016 | English Ministry
The season of Lent is observed by many as a time to give something up in order that we might focus on Christ’s suffering. Have you given something up for Lent this year? While you might be, Think Christian writer, Nathan Bierma, defended why he will not. This spurred a thoughtful conversation about the purpose of observing Lent. Think Christian is an online magazine produced by ReFrame Media, the ministry that also publishes Today. The thought-provoking and respectful articles draw readers from a variety of worldviews into conversations about faith – and religious practices like Lent. Readers are invited to comment on each article in hopes of forming a community of people who are grappling with issues and want to share how they relate their everyday lives to God. In his article, Bierma states his hesitation of giving something up for Lent: “For me at least, the habit could actually…[Read More]

“Young at Heart” Seniors Mentoring Youth

January 21, 2016 | English Ministry
Shirley and Gary Raterink have a heart for youth. They are a part of the Fairway CRC of Jenison (MI) seniors’ group, YAH—Young at Heart.  Around seventy members of the YAH group gathered in August 2015 to learn how they can be intentional about having an impact on youth in the church. Each month the YAH group invites a speaker to challenge and inspire them in ways they can live so their faith has an impact on others. Rev. Steven and Deb Koster, leaders of Back to God Ministries’ Family Fire outreach, led the workshop on mentoring youth in faith.  “How do we make sure the faith of our generation actually makes it to the next generation?” Deb asked the seniors. “Research we’ve studied for Family Fire shows that it takes five adults with consequential faith to be involved in a young person’s life in order for their faith to…[Read More]

Today, Speaking Directly to You

January 13, 2016 | English Ministry
We all have our daily struggles, big and small, regardless of age, gender, race or economic status. The scripture-filled and Spirit-led devotions of Today reach our readers with the words they need to hear in life. It is with joy we share the following testimonies from readers like you. James was suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Provoked by these addictions, he began the habit of reading Today. “Everything I read from Today seems to fit right in to my life,” James states. Through prayer and devotion, God delivered him from the negative dependencies. “God restores me and heals me daily—I praise Him and give Him all the glory!”   For two years Raquel was living on the streets. Searching for something to raise her spirits, she started reading Today. She notes, “I was down until I read the Today devotional. I believe in God, and reading it helped me learn to forgive.”…[Read More]

Helga—Still Sharing the Gospel at Age 72

December 31, 2015 | English Ministry
Four years ago we shared a story about Helga from Germany. After reading a Today devotional that encouraged sharing your faith, Helga was inspired to fill her shopping bags with Christian literature and share it as the Lord prompted her. Recently Helga wrote us again and shared a little more about her life. “I grew up without any Christian education, but since the death of my dear mom – she was only 36 – I became interested in Jesus and the Bible.” At the time Helga was corresponding with a girl in the United States who was a Christian. “I know now that she was praying for me,” says Helga. “God answered her prayers, and at the age of 23 I was born again.” Helga received a copy of the Today devotional produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of Back to God ministries International. “The Today is continually an inspiration to me. From the beginning I had…[Read More]

Mentoring Inmates with Today

December 15, 2015 | English Ministry
Steven is an inmate who receives Today, the daily devotional produced by ReFrame Media – the English outreach of Back to God Ministries International. Two years ago he gave his heart to Christ. “Along with the Holy Spirit, your Today devotional has really been a ‘light to my path.’” Steven writes. As his faith continues to deepen, Steven uses Today to mentor other inmates in their faith walk. “Some are saved or seeking salvation through the Word of God, and we are using your daily devotional as a jump start to praise God every day.” With few resources, even Steven is making an immeasurable impact on others with the Word of God. To show his appreciation and gratitude, Steven gave what little he has, enabling 15 people to receive Today. Steven hopes that, “someone may be inspired to learn and build a relationship with God.” “I have been saved for…[Read More]

Doing What God Prepared Him to Do

November 25, 2015 | English Ministry
Jei Wilson has been a member of Roseland Christian Ministries in Chicago, IL for nearly 30 years. It all started when his mom, Irene Wilson, ordered the Today devotional, after learning about it from the Back to God Hour radio program. “When I was younger we were always a believing family. My mom faithfully studied her Bible, but we didn’t feel the need to belong to a church,” Jei remembers. “But once she found the Today, she wanted to find a church associated with it. She liked the way it spoke plain English and was true to what the Bible said.” Back to God Ministries staff directed the family to Roseland Christian Ministries, a church in their neighborhood. Jei was 18 at the time, and admits his mom had to cajole him into going to church. “I was working nights, so it took a bit for me to want to go.” Jei was glad he did.…[Read More]

Sophie’s Top Ten Most Wanted

August 17, 2015 | English Ministry
Two weeks before Easter 2014, Sophie Golhof Ensing took to heart a challenge given by visiting pastor Rev. Moses Chung, Director of Christian Reformed Home Missions. He had given the members of Sophie’s congregation, Fleetwood CRC in Surrey, B.C., a “Top Ten Most Wanted” bookmark which invites people to make a list of people they know who need Jesus. “Then do everything you can to attract them to Jesus and pray until they come to know Jesus,” Rev. Chung explained. Sophie was excited about the challenge. “We live in a globally diverse community. I began to pray that I might have an opportunity to converse with some and give them a copy of the Today devotional.” Sophie made a list of names and showed it to Gerry, her husband of 57 years. Over the past year they have been praying for several people by name, and looking for opportunities to…[Read More]

Family Fire Celebrates Five Years of Ministry

August 3, 2015 | English Ministry
In July 2010 Rev. Steven and Deb Koster answered the question “How can we care for marriages and families in a place where people are already spending their time—online?” by launching a new Facebook ministry entitled Family Fire. “Our first posts went out to a little crowd of around 30 people,” shares Deb. “Today, 34,000 people follow our Facebook page, we get hundreds of prayer requests, and we minister to people all over the world.” Long before Family Fire hit cyberspace, the Kosters were leading marriage-enrichment seminars in local churches. “We’ve long had a ministry goal of supporting families spiritually as the foundation of people’s lives and personal ministries,” notes Deb. When Steven became Director of ReFrame Media in 2006, Rev. Bob Heerspink, the late Director of Back to God Ministries International, encouraged the couple to pursue their ministry to families using media. Family Fire’s Facebook page expanded rapidly on…[Read More]

A Passion for Prayer

July 22, 2015 | English Ministry
Florence Hu describes herself an introvert, but she has a passion for sharing the Gospel. She has found a way to witness through the Today devotional and prayer! Florence’s passion for introducing people to Jesus grows out of her own experiences. “I’m Chinese, from Hong Kong, now residing in the Philippines,” she says. Growing up in a “multi-religious” culture led her to believe that good works would earn her a standing with God. Through studying the Bible with a missionary, Florence learned about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Her first request after committing her life to the Lord: “I want to learn how to pray!” Florence’s life hit a crisis after that. “I lost my husband in 2000 when I was eight months pregnant with our son.” Over the next eight years she was hospitalized three times with life-threatening illnesses. Still, Florence did not ask, “Why me?” but rather,…[Read More]

Strengthening Families

June 11, 2015 | English Ministry
Most people will agree that the family is a basic and fundamental unit in society. This is true, not just in Western culture, but worldwide. And all over the world families are facing increasing challenges and attacks that threaten to tear them apart. Family Fire, a ministry started by ReFrame Media five years ago, is strengthening families not only in North America but in more than 45 countries as well. Can’t share a lot of stories. We don’t want to jeopardize the trust people have in sharing things on our site. One husband and father discovered facebook.com/FamilyFire and asked for prayer. The Family Fire ministry team reached out to him in private conversations to help address his concerns for his family. He first replied to a specific topic on grief and started writing Deb. “How can I be sure that God is with me?” he asked. So many things were…[Read More]