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Going Paperless

March 28, 2015 | Chinese Ministry
Yu-Ning started subscribing to the Chinese Today booklet last year. “If it were not for the Today I would have strayed from the Lord,” she says. Yu-Ning is one of the thousands of readers who receive the devotional in print form. Over the past twenty-five years, the Gospel message in the Chinese Today has expanded its reach from a few thousand in the early 1990s to 70,000 in 2014. Its teachings remain relevant and inspiring to subscribers–old and new. However, with today’s trend of online and mobile users, the digital readership has exploded to at least 250,000 users. With the ongoing boom in digital media, the Chinese Today plans to go paperless. By focusing their efforts on the digital version of Today, the Chinese ministry can now produce a multi-faceted version of the daily devotion. “Going paperless allows us to provide our readers with much more than the simple printed…[Read More]

100 Children in China

October 13, 2014 | Chinese Ministry
Dale and Jean Quesnel have more than 100 “children”—and a few grandchildren—all living in China. “It’s all of God,” says Dale, a retired tool and die maker from New Hamburg, Ont. “God arranged it and put it together.” It all began when the Quesnels learned about Chinese university graduates coming to study engineering for one year at the University of Waterloo. The students, all employees of the same oil company in China, also wanted to learn Western culture and improve their English. So Dale and Jean offered ELL (English Language Learner) classes through their church. “As part of this class we also teach them about God,” explains Dale. “Most want to know about Jesus, this book called the Bible, and how God fits into the whole scheme of things.” The Quesnels learned about Back to God Ministries Chinese devotional resources available and began giving the Chinese Today to students who…[Read More]

We Chat, God Connects

July 25, 2014 | Chinese Ministry
Cathy was a sales manager for a clothing retailer in Shenzhen, China. A young mother in her early thirties, she was a victim of domestic abuse that eventually led to divorce. Cathy discovered our radio program, Good News, which introduced her to our daily Chinese Today devotional on Wechat. “Wechat” (called Weixin in China) is the hottest new social media tool, with close to 400 million active users. What began as a mobile voice and text messaging app has now evolved into a venue for video and live chat. Wechat is the fifth most used smartphone app in the world. This new media outlet offered Cathy something she couldn’t get through radio: a listening ear; a friend who could help her through this difficult time. She was particularly touched by a Chinese Today devotional on family. “I realize why I had a rough time in my marriage,” Cathy wrote in…[Read More]

Volunteer Helps Bring Chinese Today to iPhones

April 14, 2014 | Chinese Ministry
Kevin was searching for a way to use his skill as an iPhone app developer to serve the Lord. Back to God Ministries’ Chinese outreach was searching for someone to help make the Chinese Today devotional more accessible. It was a perfect match. Kevin, who lives in Bejing and reads the Chinese Today regularly, contacted our Chinese outreach and volunteered his skills to help bring Chinese Today to iPhones­—something that would typically cost thousands of dollars! “I always wanted to use my professional skills to serve God,” says Kevin. “I found the Chinese Today very helpful and I was filled with joy and energy to jump into this project.” Recently, China announced it has reached 600 million Internet users and 80% of them access it through their smartphones. This creates a huge potential for God’s Word and devotional messages from the Chinese Today to become even more accessible. As Kevin…[Read More]

Chinese Outreach Provides ‘Source of Nourishment’

December 30, 2013 | Chinese Ministry
As Wen gave her life to the Lord, she did so wholeheartedly, even quitting her current job to serve in a church. Still, due to China’s lack of biblically-sound resources, she had a lot of misconceptions about what it meant to be a believer. “Her beliefs were not grounded on God’s Word,” says Jean Chen, Back to God Ministries Chinese program producer. “They were twisted in her fellow man’s teaching.” Many of Wen’s misconceptions came from the Internet, so believers in China must be especially careful when using web resources. Still, church leaders point to our websites as a trusted source. When our Chinese ministry team visited China, they heard about Wen’s story and invited her to one of their conferences. Here, the team shared resources from Bible and Women, the outreach’s newest radio program and website designed to encourage women in China just like Wen. “The site reaches young women…[Read More]

Short trip, Long-Term Change

September 10, 2013 | Chinese Ministry
Feng was not hearing what he expected. Usually when outreach teams visit his college in China, they preach a message from the Bible.  But when our Chinese outreach team came in August, he heard a presentation on websites, radio programs, and devotional booklets. The message bothered Feng. During the lunch break, he even questioned our team on their motives, wondering if they were simply trying to promote their products. But as he continued listening, he realized how the resources they were sharing provide a lifelong tool for believers in mainland China. “You do not just bring a one-time teaching,” Feng told the Chinese team, “but long-term resources to help us continue to grow in God’s Word and follow Him.” As only 7 to 8 percent of China’s population calls themselves Christians, Feng expects many of his college classmates to criticize him for his faith. Still, he wanted to know the…[Read More]

From Bitterness to Faithfulness

August 12, 2013 | Chinese Ministry
KC* felt trapped. His lack of education and stutter in his speech left him with a job he did not like and a general bitterness towards life. But his perspective slowly began to change. KC, who lives in Hong Kong, began listening to Back to God Ministries International’s Listen to My Heart radio program several years ago. He shared his bitter thoughts with Laisin Cheung, the program’s producer, who initiated a discipleship conversation with KC. “It wasn’t that KC didn’t know about Jesus,” explained Laisin. “He just needed someone to lead him to understand the relevance of the Gospel to his life.” As he continued listening to the program, KC gained a new perspective on life. The program’s Biblical advice on everyday issues brought KC much encouragement.  Although BTGMI Chinese ministry stopped producing Listen to My Heart in 2011 to focus more on other outreach in mainland China, BTGMI’s contact…[Read More]

Reaching Women in China

December 19, 2012 | Chinese Ministry
HoiKei lives in the fast-changing society of mainland China. She is struggling to balance the demands of modern culture with the more traditional values. When she became overwhelmed with the relationships in her life, she turned to the Internet for help. There she found a new website called Bible and Women—and received biblical advice to help her find her way through her struggles. “With changing culture in China the status of women has continued to be elevated,” says Rev. Jimmy Lin, Chinese ministry leader for Back to God Ministries International. “However, at the same time, expectations for wives to be submissive, women to carry the main burden of raising children, and female believers playing a subordinate role—all these add confusion to the mix.” Recognizing an opportunity to help women navigate their way through all the changes, our Chinese media team launched the multifaceted ministry Bible and Women. “We are thankful…[Read More]

Liang’s Journey of Faith

September 14, 2012 | Chinese Ministry
*Liang was a 21-year-old college student in China searching for peace. As an English major he often listened to radio to increase his understanding. Radio gave him much more than language skills—it led him to faith in Christ. “I had been a student of Confucius and Buddha,” Liang explains. “I practiced various Chinese religions and traditions, but never found peace.” Liang believes that God led him to turn the radio dial to a Christian radio program that was discussing life and humanity. “This message was better than anything I had learned before. I kept listening to Christian programs. Every time I listened I experienced joy.” One of the programs Liang heard was Back to God Ministries’ Chinese program Good News. “I was nourished by these programs,” he testifies. Liang requested literature to help him learn more about the Christian faith. He also quietly studied the Bible with one of his…[Read More]

Words to Live By

August 28, 2012 | Chinese Ministry
Wen-Jie Guo, Back to God Ministries International Chinese producer, was thankful to read this comment on our English World website: “I found your site while searching on the web. This is so exciting to hear about daily life in other parts of the world. I am also curious about the Jesus you mentioned in your program. I want to know more about Him in case what you said about Him is true. Can you point me in some direction?” This is exactly what Wen-Jie and her co-hosts pray for.  English World is a pre-evangelistic audio program. Its newly revised website is designed to reach out to Chinese-speaking people who desire to learn English. And as they listen to segments such as “Words to Live By” they hear truths from the Bible. Their curiosity to learn about western culture leads them to a new segment called “A Day in the Life”…[Read More]
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